About Us

Modcabins is a rustic modern cabin design and construction company. We rent two of our cabins just outside Asheville city limits. 

As hosts, we recognize most guests have only a few weeks of vacation time each year. So we do our best to provide a fun, relaxing experience that allows people to reconnect with nature and loved ones, and feel restored when returning home. On this website and in our house manuals, guests will find a local’s guide to outdoor activities, restaurants, breweries, historic sites, music venues, boutiques, galleries and antique shops.

Our goal is to be part of the solution to the affordable housing problems many communities face. We serve on local nonprofit Boards, advocate for affordable housing solutions, and offer our micro-house plans to low-income families free of charge. Modcabins is proud to be part of the tiny house trend, a cultural shift towards living a more self-sufficient, environmentally-friendly and financially secure life. 

Our business would not be complete without contributions from our 8-year-old son, so each cabin has a complementary package of gourmet s’mores and a well-stocked toy box.

We look forward to hosting you.


Mae & the Modcabins crew